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BTC’s vision is to create the conditions so that for every Black student, there will be challenging, affirming, and innovative learning environments staffed by a critical mass of high-quality Black educators equipped to maximize shared racial identity learning experiences over the course of their elementary and secondary education.



Black Teacher Collaborative, a social entrepreneurship venture, provides an opportunity to engage in development of strategies and tools that build the mindsets, skills, and knowledge needed to actualize a new model for Black teacher impact and efficacy.  So how will we do it?


BTC’s mission is to engage, develop, and support a collective of Black educators who will ensure that Black children achieve at high levels academically while simultaneously preparing them with the intellectual, social, emotional, and cultural capital to actively participate in the ongoing advancement of their communities.



Training Black teachers to leverage Shared Racial Identity Learning Environments to transform their schools.


"Without a song, everyday would be a century." Today we sing happy birthday to the the legendary Mahalia Jackson! #blackhistory #educolor

#MondayMotivation Black teachers embody an implicit brilliance that they don't receive enough credit for. The presence of Black teachers reinforces to Black students that they too can be whatever and whomever they want. #blackteachers #educolor

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"Time is important to me because I want to sing long enough to leave a message."

Happy birthday to the "Queen of Gospel", the legendary Mahalia Jackson! What message will you leave with the time you have today? #educolor #blackhistory

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