Algebra I Academy

Black Liberatory Pedagogy & Algebra I

Black Teacher Collaborative has partnered with Georgia’s Clayton County Public Schools district to serve 20-25 Black Algebra I teachers who teach in predominantly Black schools.  This immersive learning experience couples BTC’s Black Liberatory Pedagogy (BLP) alongside Common Core curriculum to expand what it means to have a “Black Math Identity.”

Participants will learn new Black liberatory skills, knowledge, and mindsets (S/K/Ms) to implement in their Algebra I instruction with Black Algebra I students. They can also expect to build relationships and receive social and emotional support as Black teachers through our “Communities of Practice.” Ultimately, participants will reflect on and re-imagine themselves as Black math teachers for Black Students. Program components include a summer immersive experience, individual and cohort coaching, and high level BLP curriculum training.


JULY 18 — 22 | Algebra I Summer Intensive
SEP  Classroom Observations & Individual Coaching
OCT Community of Practice

Talent LMS

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Student Survey

Please complete this survey about your prior math experiences and current reflections on your math ability and racial identity. The purpose of the survey is to better understand how students learn and how you view yourself as a mathematician. All information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the study research team. Ultimately, we hope to create a great program that supports both teachers and students.  Completing this survey is very important for the continuation of our program.

Extended to September 23rd
Receive a $15 e-gift card for completing this survey before September 23rd.
Must return consent form to participate.

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Data Collection Consent Form

As part of our research partnership with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and CCPS, we are collecting student data each semester to understand the influence of our program on students’ academic outcomes, racial, and math identities. Please use the button below to access and share a consent form with the students in your target Algebra I class to ensure that we have high levels of participation in the study. Both parents and students will need to sign this form for students to participate in any of the study’s data collection activities.

Receive $200 if 75% or more of students complete consent forms and $50 for any completed consent forms!

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Points of Contact

Algebra I Instructional Coach

STEM Solutions Lead

Director of Program Implementation

Program Coordinator/Executive Asst.

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