Algebra I

Black Liberatory Pedagogy & Algebra I

Black Teacher Collaborative has partnered with Georgia’s Clayton County Public Schools district to serve 20-25 Black Algebra I teachers who teach in predominantly Black schools.  This immersive learning experience couples BTC’s Black Liberatory Pedagogy (BLP) alongside Common Core curriculum to expand what it means to have a “Black Math Identity.”

Participants will learn new Black liberatory skills, knowledge, and mindsets (S/K/Ms) to implement in their Algebra I instruction with Black Algebra I students. They can also expect to build relationships and receive social and emotional support as Black teachers through our “Communities of Practice.” Ultimately, participants will reflect on and re-imagine themselves as Black math teachers for Black Students. Program components include a summer immersive experience, individual and cohort coaching, and high level BLP curriculum training.

Important Dates

JULY 18 — 22 | Algebra I Summer Intensive
SEP  Classroom Observations & Individual Coaching
OCT Community of Practice

Talent LMS

Points of Contact

Algebra I Instructional Coach

STEM Solutions Lead

Sade Young

Director of Program Implementation

Melissa Williams

Program Coordinator/Executive Asst.

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